#myhappylunchbox ✌️ two just-ripe slightly spotty bananas, and pasta salad. I’m being a major meal repeater, might need to make something new for tomorrow 😏

Broccoli and cheeze soup / Recipe

Oh dang. Yes.



Wanna get crazy?

Hi, hello, welcome to hell. If chaturanga on it’s own isn’t torturous enough for you, then try these variations to see just how much your spirit can take before it breaks. Just kidding, it’s fun! Right?

1) One-legged chaturanga. Start in 3-legged dog and keep that leg off the ground as you go through chaturanga. Push back into down dog and do it on the opposite side.


2) Or, if you really feel like you need a good cry, try a set of chaturanga push ups. Focus on your breathing and your form. Lower down, hover, and then push back up. So so so hard, I know. But you can do it!!!


What other crazy chaturanga variations do you do? I’m always looking for new ones so share the love!


Gonna try to keep up with the #posebypose yoga challenge by @namastechante, @yogawithkarel, @bexmaddy and more! Here is my #plank pose with the variation to do one-legged plank! Also tonight is my first day at the new studio I work at. So fancy 😍 #yoga #yogi #challenge

Nice! Love the leggings. Love the studio space. Hope your first night goes well!

#posebypose day 1: plank